Momos, being originally from Tibet, are gaining popularity amongst Indian food lovers as well. And there is no great brand here in Mumbai which caters this healthy and tasty food. At Momoza, we aim at focusing on catering only momos that will boast of quality and authentic taste.

The word Momoza is formed by 2 words: Momo and Czar; meaning King of Momos.

Ritesh Bafna, Primary Investor & Mentor
Ritesh had an inborn craving to run a business of his own. And his other craving is for good food which can also be found easily. These were his two motivations that finally led him to launch a startup of his own, called The Food Doofs, after working as a business developer in different corporates over a period of more than 8 years.

When he started, with former founders Rohan Desai and Naasir merchant, the idea was to splash the foodies with food options. Momos being a flagship product, The Food doof also caters to House Parties with curated food. They bring curated food and other essentials to help people host a good party in their budget. The Food Doof gives hosts an online option of simply picking the right menu and earning some rewards.

Swapnil Dabhade, CEO
A software engineer by education and a technology entrepreneur by profession, Swapnil is a bigger foodie at heart and always had a thought of starting his venture in the delightful profession of ending someone’s hunger.

When he came across The Food Doofs, was fascinated by the idea and thought of joining Ritesh to make it bigger.

Swapnil looks forward to focus on the flagship product of The Food Doofs, the Momos, under the brand name ‘Momoza’ which will be made available at profit share models (including machine, supplies and advertising) at high footfall areas or as shop in shops. He looks forward to commissioning 50 such Momoza outlets in next 3 years.

With Momoza, Swapnil aims to create the biggest brand of momos in the country making it “King of Momos” in true sense.