A food doof is a person who is hungry, likes food and is waiting for someone to take care of that craving! sounds lazy or just doofy… any person who becomes a doof when it comes to food… we sympathize which such souls.

The food doofs is a Start up by three young & dynamic individuals from diverse backgrounds but like mindedness when it comes to food. The food doofs Team brings together a combined twenty years of industry experience in general management, entrepreneurship and consulting.




To get together the culture of good quality food to the palettes of guests that we cater . Quality, Taste and Service are the three mantras which the food doofs believe and strive to be known in the F&B world.




We strongly believe in doing first class business in a first class way. We are unwavering in our pursuit of providing the perfect customer experience and leave no stone unturned in ensuring trust, transparency and respect for all our stakeholders.

Let’s keep it simple… you are hungry, we have great food. you are hosting a party… we have great ideas and all essentials. you are a food doof so are we!