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A food doof is a person who is hungry, likes food and is waiting for someone to take care of that craving!
Sounds Lazy or just Doofy??  Let’s keep it simple… you are hungry, we have great food. you are hosting a party…
we have great ideas and all essentials. you are a food doof so are we!

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Customized Menu, Home Delivery, Service Assistance


We Host a House Party, Event, Corporate Kitchen, Special Occasion etc. with
Italian, Chinese, Indian, Multi Cuisine, Finger Food in your budget.



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  • The most important meal of the day is #breakfast. Don't skip it. #bewadoofNov, 7 2016
  • Thank you for the share. We will continue splashing people with our food options.  @Smritiverma44   @yo_success Sep, 3 2016
  • RT  @yo_success : Exclusive #Interview with Ritesh Bafna  @riteshbafna84  who founded  @TheFoodDoofs  https://t.co/f2C4vmtZiG  @yo_success  https:/…Aug, 26 2016